Heather Harper    Founder

Heather Harper


I launched Chartwell to provide the kind of marketing, writing and content resource I always wanted to hire. I know from first hand experience that content marketing is a powerful way to keep top of mind with prospects and existing clients. But, it takes time, skill and focus to translate expert insights into compelling content, keep true to brand standards and know the best technologies to distribute pieces.

I work with clients to take on those actions -- from strategic marketing plan development to ghostwriting to managing social communities. My approach is informed by 25 years of experience as a marketer, communicator and writer. Along the way, I've gained experience in the financial services industry, with technology companies, and as an entrepreneur. See more about my background here.

Now through Chartwell Content, I partner with a network of experienced professionals to deliver marketing campaigns and quality content that make our clients memorable. I also build solid marketing program foundations for growth companies in my role as an advisor to start ups and micro ventures.

Please contact me if you have a potential project in mind or to learn more about my services.